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Ningbo Haijiang Machinery manufacturing Co.,Ltd.Localed in Ningbo City, Near Shanghai. It is a manufacturer Specialized for Injection moulding machineinjection mould and offer auxiliary equipment also 
 Injection moulding machine range: clamping force from 50tons to 3000tons, injection weight to 30000g.Machine series:
A)Desktop injection molding machine
B) PVC injection molding machine;
C) PET injection molding machine;
D) Double Color injection machine;
E) Injection Blow Molding Machine ;
F) High speed injection molding machine (5-7 second per shot)
G) Energy saving injection moulding machine:
    (a) Variable Displacement pump injection machine (b) Servo motor injection molding 

desktop plastic injection molding machine

Model Number HJ-MINI-2
Power 1kw
Shot weight  20grams
Nozzle hole Diameter 2mm
Motor Accuracy 0.02mm
Cooling Type Water
Power source AC220V
Max Mold size 145*145mm*180mm
Heating Band Power DC36V
Machine Size 650mm*340mm*180mm
Machine weight 100kgs

Specializing in making small parts.

9 advantages:mini,high accuracy,high performance,high efficiency,import technology,energy-saving,intelligent.
mini injection mold
1.Mini diy injection molding machine
It covers an area of about 1square meters,and can build mini injection workshop, saving investment of workshop and mold.
>Machine dimension:700mm*340mm*180mm;
>Net weight:100kg.
2.High accuracy small desktop injection molding machine
(can make small parts weight<0.01g micro product)(Leading technology)
1):PID temperature control±1℃
2): Mold clamping accuracy 0.01mm
3): Shot weight accuracy 0.01g
4): Shot peak pressure 1kg
 mini plastic products
3.High performance small injection molding machine
Quality control(Cycle/remaining/injection time)
Automatic shutdown when alarming
PID temperature control
Electrically heated mold(without no mold heating machine)
Ready state temperature
Machine operation speed controllable
Mold voltage protection function
Screw torque protection
Automatic mold adjustment program
Middle mandrel speed up to 99
Simple and individual interface
Different language display
Deal and save 100 sets mold information
Product counting- Production batch setting
Exit program
mini plastic injection molding machine
4.High efficiency desktop injection molding machine
3.5s shaping cycle
Traditional hydraulic press:
Shot speed: 160~200mm/s
Molding cycle :7~10 /s
Max shot speed: 500mm/s
Molding cycle 3.5 /s
5.Import leading technology mini injection molding machine
Controller   Porcheson
Lubrication system  LUBE
Temperature control system OMEGA
6.Energy saving micro injection molding machine (0.75KW/h)
Traditional hydraulic press 15KW/H
HaijiangMini automatic press 0.75KW/H
Micro Injection molding machine

· May I know how soon I can get the machine after I transfer the deposit?
Re:Usually, if the quantity is less than 5 units, we can finish the production in 15-20days. We will try our best to offer the machines to you as soon as possible. 
· How long the product warranty period?
Re:The product warranty period is 18 months.
· How long have you engaged in this industry?
Re:We have been engaged in this industry for more than 20years, Our hot products sold at home and abroad by our
own foreign trade department and some trading company.

· What kinds of Processing equipment you have?
Re:CNC laser cutting equipment, CNC plasma cutting equipment, CNC flame cutting equipment, numerical control sheet metal processing equipment, 500 tons of hydraulic press,bending machine etc.


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