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How does injection molding machine work?

How does injection molding machine work?

After you bought the injection molding machine,make sure to know the profile of machine and foundation requipment once you ensure the location of machine.The position for locating the machine should has the room for accessory equipments.for stacking and for working conveniently,here suggest the min distance to the wall to be 2m,the min distance between machines to be 2.5m,plastic injection molding machine is one of heavy equipment so it can't be located on common ground directly.

Buy the most suitable hydraulic oil and lubricating oil.

Finish the colloation work of supplying electric power and supplying water before installing the machine.the section area of cable of electric power should be set according to total power of machine in order to be safe and applicable.The supply pressure of water is 2-10kgf/cm2,the supplying and draining of water should be smooth.All wire pipes must be under ground.

The machine requires working condition of clean and orderly workshop which has enough lighting and airness,meeting following conditions at the same time.if the working condition is out of following standard,the machine msut be checkd by professional peresons to see whether it can be operated to produce.


After machine ready to work. the injection molding machine work step as below:
1.start to heating the barrel. 
2.After 30 minutes, start the motor.
3.Charge the material
4.Close the mould
5.Shoot the melt material to the mold cavities.
6.Cooling the mold
7.Open the mold and take out the plastic parts
8.Close the mold,and start the next cycle.


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