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Where to buy syringe with needle?

Where to buy syringe with needle?

Because the COVID-19,there is big demand for disposable syringe with needles. Small quantity,you can buy syringe and needle online. you can place order only aliexpress,ebay,Amonzon etc.you can get it in short time.maybe only one week.lots of people buy face mask for kids last year by online too.

if bulk order,we suggest buy from China.Yiwu city, it is a famous city for different goods. Over there,very cheap price. you can buy clothes,caps,shoes,desks,anything you needed. But now, more and more country want to their own industry.So they like to import machine or equipment from China. from 2020, many customer buy syringe making machine  and facemask making machine from china.

Disposable syringe used for only one time, so everyday hospital need lots of new syringes in the world. Syringe production line need many machines as below:
1.syringe molding machine:usually,it is high speed machine,but normal machine also can make syringe. speed about 20 second per shoot.
High speed machine have accumulattor to help inject.quick cycle time.
2.Auxliary equipment: Auto loader,hopper dryer,chiller,crusher and transit belt.etc.
3.Plunger and barrel mould:syringe size from 0.5ml to 60 ml.Syringe plunger mould cavities No.from 16 cavities to 128 cavities.Mould core and cavity steel Sweden S420 Assab Co. Stainless and templer steel.Injection gate type:Pin point Gate hot runner system.
4.Syringe Material: PP or PE
5.Gasket Mould:Syringe size from 1 to 60 ml.Material: TPE or Medical grade PVC.
6.Syringe assembly machine:assemble barrel,plunger ,gasket and finished needle to be complete syringe to use.it is automatic
7.Syinge printing machine
8.Syringe labeling machine
9. Syringe packing machine
10.ETO sterilizer sterilization equpiment.

If you want to know more details,please feel freely contact us,we will show you more details about disposable syringe making machine.


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