PET injection molding machine

  • pet preform injection molding machine price
    330ml,550ml,1L,2L,5L,10L and 5 Gallon bottle

pet preform injection moulding machine
pet preform injection machine

one bottle need one injection molding machine and one blowing machine to finish it. 

1.for injection part,  you should tell us the PET bottle preform weight, neck size, quantity per hour you want to make , then we will choose the suitable machine model according to your request. 

2.for the blowing part, you should tell us the bottle capacity and quantiy per hour , then we choose suitable blowing machine for you. 
pet bottle preform making machine price
You can get all equipment and tools needed for your new plastic bottle projects from Dakumar, the expert teams would provide the best solution.

preform injection machine
More than 20 years’ experience of plastic bottle molding, the professional team is able to support you with expert advice on the most suitable system to satisfy you production requirement.
single stage pet blowing machine

It’s the turnkey project from one supplier, including the comprehensive service, Dakumar would provide the solution within your budget based on superior quality.Haijiang would provide the solution within your budget based on superior quality.
plastic bottle molding machine price

It’s not only for before-sale consulting, but also the whole project completion, as it could be controlled well by one supplier.
pet preform manufacturing machine




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